About Us

Balancing one eye on the road with one eye on the horizon

Permafrost Information Strategies was established to address the frustrating realization that most successful businesses and business leaders are preoccupied with operational considerations and fail to keep focus on their place within their sector, the external perception of that place, and managing that perception to generate opportunities for growth. We believe that what separates great businesses from merely successful ones is the relationship between (1) awareness of their place in their market or sector; (2) how well they craft an identity for their place in their sector and communicate that identity internally and externally; and (3) how thoroughly their well-conceived strategic view is woven through every operational level of their business.

Permafrost’s staff and contractors include public relations and marketing professionals, corporate managers and consultants, corporate transaction and finance professionals, real estate market and valuation experts, business operations and logistics managers, hospitality executives and customer experience experts, corporate attorneys, and others – all experienced, all passionate about their work, and all dedicated to enabling individuals and businesses to achieve durable strategic advantages in their particular marketplace. We derive satisfaction from your results. Large or small buisnesses, start-ups or operations with a longstanding presence, individuals or complex organizations in need of clarity – each represents an engaging and enjoyable opportunity for us to apply our experience, skills and knowledge for the achievement of our client’s vision.

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